The Book of Knowledge is a book contained in the Nexus, seen in the "True Ending" of Legend of Grimrock II. It is quickly leafed through, showing a vast array of information contained within its pages.


The scene must be paused to glean anything from the book's pages, due to the speed at which they are turned. A cipher hides the content, but it has been partially translated[1]; the use of the names of Mount Grimrock's levels helps make the translation easier. Several of the pages contain information about the history of the lands and their culture, though the turning motion makes some sections too illegible to make sense of. Various images accompany several of the excerpts, including Zarchtons and maps of real-world pyramids. A passage of computer code is also found within. The final two pages show maps of the locations visited through the series so far, Mount Grimrock and the Isle of Nex. The following table shows the page images and their translations:[1]

Page Text Note Image
1 - 1 study of zarchtons

zarchtons are amphibious creatures
that are at home on dry land as in
water, but they never leave too far
from water, because they are depend-
ent of moisture and need to dampen
their skin from time to time.

[picture of zarchton]

The text is taken and slightly modified from the Almost Human dev blog[2].
Book page 1
1 - 2 the origin of zarchtons is highly

debated topic. some say zarcht-ons have evolved from fishes and some say they we're originally land creatures that have moved to live partially in water. some-times zarchtons are seen far in the open sea and they are often mistak-en for mermaids.

being amphibious creatures, zarch-tons have both lungs and gills, so they can breath air and in water. zarchtons have primitive culture system and they make use of resources from the sea to create clothing and accessories from shellfishes and other small crea-tures they hunt.

swimming in water and walking on land have developed zarchtons' leg muscles to enable them to take long leaps to help them hunt their prey and attack any one coming to their territory.

Book page 1
2 - 1 age of ancestors

to common belie world was ... cal beings ca... created it is s... lands it is third... tons remained in the... first thousand years

unknown years not much is known of these years. it is believed that the first sentient beings, humans, minotaurs, and lizard men were given birth by the a???to during this time. it is believed that insectoids crawled out from the great ksafi desert much later.

age of clash turbulent times when sovereign states fought over the rule and land, of northern realms with bril-liant war tactics, court scheming and strong alliances house abb?arc of the areonan snat ...power and fi nally built a thriving empire, the eareonan empire that lasted for eight hundred years.

Book page 2 1
2 - 2 age of ??

...the areonan empire ruled over
...of the northern r???ms the empire
was seemingly at peace but inside
there was an unresolved conflict the
increasing mistrust between the
people of the north and the south. cor-
ruption and the first great clot
blood plague gnawed at the empire. fi-
nally in the endless internal power
struggle, the empire divided into
malanian empire and kingdom of theraen.
the malanian empire was led by arefar fe
sancconjon, a powerful man raised far
away in the eastern lands, who was be
lieved to possess the strength of
demons but little more is known of him.
wild and terrifying stories of his
cruelties pread over the lands and
its believed that sancconjon him
self started the rumors to streng-
hten his rule.

Book page 2 1
3 - 1 age of t

a ...
kingdom of ...
lands for ...
led armies of ...
clashed with ...
south as the ...
called both p...
sive casualtie...
armies of the no...
ning the war. s...
pened may be the...
ard the leader o...
arefar fo sancconjon...
over two hundred...
in a cataclysmic ...
empire fell in one ...
njon was found ho...
his ritual chamb...
had been leading the a?? t?i?
leaderless the army was de-
stroyed by the theraen forces.

many think that the timing of disap-
pearance of hrimn...and the dea...
arear is too close to be a
coincidence. whe
are linked or not is

Book page 3 1
3 - 2 ...

...of ther ???st a s...ton
...the main capitol nothampton,
...holds power in the south but
the lands to the north, especially
the region where the malanian empire
once stood, is dangerous wilderness.
it is believed that the land is
cursed by demons and the spilled
blood of endless battles. there is a
strong mistrust between the north-
erners and southerners. the southern-
ers refer to the people of the north as
demon worshippers. signs of the old
empire can still be found in ancient

the short history of the known world as written down is the books of the royal library. eastern lands have a different reckoning of years. there is a large gap in the known history between the age of ancestors and age of clash because of the great fire that con-sumed many ancient books in the library.

Book page 3 2
4 - 1 Appears to be linear algebra.
Book page 4 1
4 - 2
Book page 4 2
5 - 1 function m...

local. f

- check for invalid...
in self.gomap.isw
lid s...

- create dyna...
local obstac...
local obstac...

self.occupy ce

disable gra...
if self.flying

Appears to be source code.
Book page 5 2
5 - 2 ...

...ty of the
... trading

the royal palace is a vast white
structure on a tree topped hill at
the heart of the city it can be seen
from practically every location in
the city. the palace contains the
seat the of king the royal library
the royal garden and the court where
important criminals who the king
wants to make an example are judged
and sometimes executed straight
away in public. the palace also con-
tains the council chambers. the king
has delegated most of the adminis-
trative tasks to ten councilmen who
are chosen by the king himself. the king
has absolute power in the kingdom and
can change any rulings of the council
at will

Book page 4 1
6 - 1 the port of nothampton is vast and

a busy place that operates every hour
of every day. large ships from ormund
harbardar port balabar and mysteri-
ous faraway lands to the east are
always found anchored or docked here.
xafian ships regularly take travel-
ers on board to south but the trip
can be very expensive unless you have a
writ from the king or the council

the great market of nothampton has
an endless supply of exotic spices.
clothes and luxury items from all
over the known world. the place is
also full of pickpocketers. the prices
are generally much higher than else
where in the kingdom because the people
of the capital are wealthier here.

red hills
this mountain range is named for its
peculiar red hue. there are numerous iron
mines and mining villages in the area
the iron is the source of kingdom of
theraen's wealth. the iron is manufac
tured to red steel in ranwyn, a forti-
fied town with endless rows of
smelting houses and constant black
fumes shadowing the sky.

Book page 6 1
6 - 2 Map of the real world with pyramids marked.
Book page 5 2
7 - 1 mount grimrock

[image of grimrock with levels marked]
the maw
old tunnels
pillars of light
ancient chambers
the vault
first temple
second temple
the tomb
the prison
the cemetery

Shows Mount Grimrock and its levels. Due to many of them keeping their name from the original Legend of Grimrock, this page is key to translating the book.
Book page 7
7 - 2 isle of neks

the one who knows you have been lied to.

[image of the island of nex]

faamko uhu ar. palako arko uhunel.
arna lam faamna.

connected but apart.

May suggest a connection between Mount Grimrock and the Isle of Nex. The second-last paragraph provides a guide, using the Lexiconary code, for digging up the Undying One in the Barren Desert. "The one who knows you have been lied to" refers to one of the Stone Philosophers there. [3][4]
Book page 7


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