Dead Sailors' Cave is a small catacomb located beneath Shipwreck Beach.


After entering the cave, a short trip to your right will get you some useful items, including your first set of Lock Picks. Return and take the left path to reach the gated Halls of the Dead. Dispatch the Mummies and locate the passage west, blocked by a plate puzzle. The button on the wall opens the gate, but standing on the plate causes it to close. Weigh it down with an item before pressing the button to pass; the item can be retrieved afterward, but you will have to redo the puzzle if you walk back over the plate.

In this new chamber, obtain the Iron Key tucked into a ledge in the southern pillar to open the door forward. Two more Mummies guard the final room, which holds the Horn of Summoning on an altar in the back. After picking it up, go up the stairs to return to Shipwreck Beach.





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  • The southern wall of the first chamber features two alcoves. A button in the western one opens a wall in the other, revealing stairs leading to a secret on Shipwreck Beach.

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