The Flooded Dungeon is an area found beneath Sleet Island, accessed from the island that the Shrine of Water lies on.


As soon as the dungeon is entered, the party will be underwater. To reach a pocket of air, move forward past an alcove on your right and then two gates. The second gate is controlled by a switch one tile beyond it; go through to reach a ladder leading to a small platform lit by a torch. On this side of the first gate is another switch, this one controlling a gate on the north wall. You can now enter "The Vault". Look for a Gold Key you can use here in the northwest corner of the square of water. Climb the ladder to find your four choices:

The separate cross-shaped area in the southwest is reached by taking the Arquebus in Sleet Island.





Consumable & IngredientsEdit



  • Reaching the Vault counts as finding a secret, providing access to the Note and the Ring on a String.
  • In the apparent dead end across from the opened gate, look for a hidden button on the wall. This will open a passage next to you, revealing a path leading to the Crystal Cuirass.

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