Fight strategyEdit

One monster in a roomEdit

When fighting a single monster or a single group of monsters (like the Undead Soldiers) in an open room, it is a good idea to circle around them. This prevents them from hitting you with their attacks, allows you to hit the exposed sides of enemies with shields, and presents backstab opportunities. If there is not enough room to circle the enemy, sidestepping will allow you to dodge attacks. To sidestep, face the enemy and as their attack animation starts but before it deals damage, step to the square beside you. While this does not give the extra offensive opportunities of circling, it still allows the player to avoid damage.

One monster in a corridorEdit

Most single monsters in corridors can be defeated easily by doing a fighting retreat. Of course, this is only viable if you have cleared the area in your back. Face the monster, step back when it tries to attack and attack when it follows you. Be careful not to be cornered, as you will likely take a beating if you cannot dodge. Make sure you know the way before you find yourself in a dead end.

Multiple monsters in a roomEdit

The most important part when fighting multiple monsters is to avoid being surrounded. Fight on your terms and evade enemy movements that threaten to encircle you. Try to kill the enemies one after another while keeping the rest out of the fight. If you are surrounded, try to kill the weakest enemy and break through. If you don't have the space to avoid attacks, you might want to retreat into a corridor. This generally means that you only have to fight one monster at a time and don't need to watch your sides.

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