Herders are large mushroom-like creatures native to Mount Grimrock. In a cave as deep and mystical as Grimrock, certain mutations are bound to come about. With darkness and dampness to grow them and magic to feed them, these monstrosities soon grew out of the ground, not quite plant and not quite animal either. Their name was given to them by their habit of collecting and placing mushrooms in hidden places so that they could propagate, becoming something of a shepherd to the subterranean plants.

These neutral creatures have lived in Grimrock for a very long time, perhaps making them the original occupants of the place. They live in a strange symbiosis with plants inside the mountain. Usually they keep to themselves and are peaceful, but if their kin or any plants are in danger they get enraged and even sacrifice themselves if they can save some plants by doing so. Herders come in many shapes and sizes.  The large ones defend themselves by slamming with their powerful tendrils while other kinds use poison. Although neutral in allegiance, they tend to be very territorial and will attack any who come near.

Herder Types Edit

Herder Edit

Both slow and somewhat weak, Herders aren't ever something to worry about, except on earlier levels and for inexperienced players. Fire and ice obviously stagger them, and in the later levels they appear in, it's easier to tank them with a good, strong fighter.

Spore Herder Edit

A younger and more viral version of regular herders, before they grow their caps, they run about, shooting spores everywhere to create mushrooms for normal Herders to collect. Unfortunately, if you get in the way of said spores, you'll probably feel a sting in your lungs. In later levels they come in groups of two.

Elder Herder Edit

Herders that have grown to a formidable age have large caps of washed out and threatening color, and for a good reason. They are given the job to guard the biggest Herder mushroom beds with their ability to trap their foes in a cloud of noxious gas. Aside from this ability, they also have thick hides and poison immunity, making them somewhat tough to take down. Fortunately, they are rarely seen, but if you do encounter them, make sure you stay away from the corners, as you're almost guaranteed death if you get trapped in one's poison cloud.

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