In both Legend of Grimrock and its sequel, various Skulls can be found throughout your adventures. Each of them grants Minotaurs a bonus to their Strength, and grants an achievement upon finding all of them.

Legend of GrimrockEdit

Five Skulls can be found in Mount Grimrock. Finding all of them unlocks the Skull Snatcher achievement.

Location Walkthrough
Level 2

Secret 4

After passing through the Teleport after the Crystal of Life, and then two more doors, there is a lever in a room to the left. Pulling it will open another room on the left, before the one with the lever. The skull is inside a Phalanx Helmet in the back corner.
Level 3 After the first puzzle is an area with some pits. The skull is on the floor in the furthest corner of the room at the bottom of the pits (technically therefore being on level 4), behind where the Teleport appears upon pulling the lever.
Level 7 The skull is in an alcove near the normal stairs down to level 8.
Level 8 This skull is found on the floor in a room to which you must teleport (from the southeastern tunnels of the map) where you must fight a number of Herders in order to find a key.
Level 10 This skull is found in an area beneath the pits in the northern part of the level (and is therefore technically found on level 11).

Legend of Grimrock 2Edit

Eight Skulls can be found throughout the Isle of Nex. Finding all of them unlocks the Skull Snatcher achievement. Additional Skulls can be randomly dug up in the Cemetery; these will increase the "Skulls Found" statistic, but it is uncertain whether they count toward the achievement.

Location Walkthrough
Forgotten River The first skull available is in front of you after crossing the bridge to the Crystal of Life, next to a fallen Stone Philosopher with a Blooddrop Cap.
Sleet Island This skull is found behind the gate as part of the "Hold your breath" secret. Stand on the pressure plate underwater for a sufficiently long time to open it.
Sleet Island The skull is found in the isolated room in the east, accessed in the first part of the "Danger" secret.
Herder's Den This skull is found against the western wall of the boss chamber.
Archives The skull is located in the area reached through the "Meditation Spire" secret, inside the southernmost chamber.
Cemetery North of the gate blocking off the Wormbound Catacombs, a ladder leads down to a trench. Inside is the skull and a Note giving directions to a Treasure Chest in the Hamlet of Stormbreach, guarded by a Zombie.
Sewers The skull is found in the northeast corner of the Ratling Boss' chamber.
Castle Nex In the room with the Creation Myth, dive into the northeast corner of the pool. A short tunnel leads to a crystal button, which briefly opens a wall on the north side of the room. The passage behind it leads to a chamber holding the skull.

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