According to a legend told by rock signs on Isle of Nex, Kilhagan was a seafaring captain who once roamed the island and after many years managed to uncover all its secrets and reached ascension. Similarly to Toorum in Legend of Grimrock, his story accompanies the player through the storyline of Legend of Grimrock II.

Legend Text Edit

There are four rock signs captioned ~Legend of Kilhagan~ found on the island. Kilhagan is also mentioned by one of the stone philosophers in shrine of air who advise the player to follow his footsteps. The legend texts are as follows:

sign in Shipwreck Beach:

~ Legend of Kilhagan ~
The second most precious thing in life for a seafaring captain is his sword, because without it he cannot command his cres. Thus, upon losing his weapon somewhere here on Shipwreck Beach, he lost what is most important to him: the respect of his crew

sign in Herder's Den:

~ Legend of Kilhagan ~
With his ship lost and his crew perished, Kilhagan had ceased to be a pilot. Alone, hopeless and utterly lost he almost ended his life at this spot. But then came the rage and with it a new purpose for his existence: revenge

sign in Cemetery:

~ Legend of Kilhagan ~
Trying as hard as he could Kilhagan could not avenge his crew. With time, and with the words of the stone philosophers echoing in his mind, he finally let his wrath go. In the following years, he gradually gained the illumination and he became a seeker of Nex

sign in Hamlet of Stormbreach:

~ Legend of Kilhagan ~
On his way to ascension Kilhagan roamed the island in search of the hidden shrine. A year passed and then ten. After a very long time did the old Kilhagan finally understand the nature of his error. The gate was revealed not by the most coplex but the most balanced spell of them all

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