Mount Grimrock: A towering spire looms above the clouds; a weathered rock that has stood tall for ages, longer than written history. It is a desolate place now, only remembered when things need to be discarded and forgotten.

An airship struggles to gain altitude as it floats towards the peak...


Four prisoners, bound by heavy chains, emerge from the ship. The court accuses them of terrible treasonous deeds -- but, by the grace of the king, their crimes shall be forgiven atop Mount Grimrock.


Their final trial is at hand. Numerous prisoners have received their pardons here, yet none have returned to live their life in freedom. They are at the very top of the world -- below them only darkness and justice awaits.


As they are plunged down the open maw at the peak, their crimes are absolved. Everyone before them has perished in the guts of the mountain, but will they manage to find their way them through the dark, and to the freedom that awaits them at the base of Mount Grimrock?