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Legend of Grimrock

Official Website


Almost Human Ltd.


Proprietary Engine


Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS

Release Dates

11/04/2012 (Windows) 19/12/2012 (Mac and Linux) 07/05/2015 (iOS)

Legend of Grimrock World Map

World map

Legend of Grimrock Edit

Legend of Grimrock 2 Edit

Monsters (LoG2)


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The wiki currently contains mostly LoG1 articles, but LoG2 articles have started to be written as well. LoG1 articles and categories may need to be edited to separate them from LoG2 articles.

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Currently there are 1 active users working on 257 articles.

477 files have been uploaded and 5,018 edits have been made so far.

Links Edit

Legend of Grimrock прохождение. Часть Первая45:14

Legend of Grimrock прохождение. Часть Первая.

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