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Letters are found throughout Legend of Grimrock II. Most of them are authored by the Island Master, and are the primary form of communication with him.

Text Location
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my island! I hope your journey was not too detrimental to your health. I think you will find this island to be the most wonderful, yet most perilous place, on earth.

I don't have high hopes about your survival, but maybe you can prove me wrong. Better equip yourself before the night falls.

The Island Master

Shipwreck Beach, on the pedestal in front of the ship's remains.

I see you have made some minor progress. Good, good. But don't let it get to your head. This is just the beginning. Or it could be almost the end, it all depends entirely on you!

Here is a tool you might find useful. Surely you can figure it out!

The Island Master
Twigroot Forest, in the Sack in front of the entrance sign.
Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm hopeful that my little trap only broke a few bones and you are still able to proceed on your heroic journey.

The Island Master
Forgotten River, on a pedestal past the Shrine of Pain.
Dear Visitor,

Please find the attached Map of the Island useful. I'd like to point out a few key locations, to get you accustomed to your new home, although I'm afraid your stay on the island will be brief... my pets are awfully hungry as always.

If you glance north, you should see the Great Pyramid of Umas above the treetops, and in west you can find the ruins of Desarune, a huge dungeon I've repurposed just for you. Beyond Desarune there are even older places but you don't need to concern yourselves with them because the challenges ahead will be way over your head.

Finally, in the east you can find the burial grounds where some very interesting characters are buried. It's up to you to decide which one of these locations will be your grave.

The Island Master
Sleet Island, in a tree hollow by the entrance. The Island Master is seen placing it and the Island Map there.
Dear Visitor,

Unfortunately the gate to the great pyramid was locked a long time ago with a strange kind of key. I'm afraid the key might be unrecoverable by now.

The Island Master
Sleet Island, in an alcove next to the pyramid's entrance.
Dear Visitor,

Are you getting frustrated yet? Does an undefeatable foe stand on your way? Can't make heads nor tails of one of my devious riddles?

Why not go explore somewhere else for a while and seek new challenges? See if it clears your mind a bit. Perhaps you will find magical artifacts to aid in your quest, or encounter a beast that cleaves your head right off?

My bet is on the latter.

The Island Master
Keelbreach Bog, in a tree hollow west of the entrance.
Dear Visitor,

Made it this far already? Splendid!

Sealed in this vault are the fragments of a tale that tells of a pilgrim from Xafi. My father passed the story to me and now it is my time to pass it forward.

The Island Master
Archives, found in the locked room in the southwest.
~ He began travelling towards the frozen tundras ~
~ The sun was setting ~
~ Then he looked at the path leading to the burning hot desert he called home ~ Archives
~ Finally, the star of the north came to lead the way ~
~ And he continued walking along the path ~
To the mightiest and most vicious beast of them all!

Be it known that the trespassers are responsible for the death of your twin brother. They came to the island not a long time ago and already they have become a nuisance. Gather your kin and deal with them.

The Island Master
Hamlet of Stormbreach, dropped by Ratling Boss
As my last will and testament, here are my most priced possessions for whomever solved my final puzzle.
- Jakon Riddle
Cemetery, in the Treasure Chest hidden between two graves.
Dear Visitor,

What can never be observed, but its presence prevents everything from being seen?

Answer me this and you shall be guided to the other side.

The Island Master
Orul's Crypt, in an alcove at the entrance of the Spike Chamber.
My dearest visitor,

I would never have expected you to get this far. Very well, it is my duty to welcome my guests to my humble abode.

Meet me at the top of the castle.

The Island Master
Castle Nex, on the pedestal next to the Cursed Compass.

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