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AbilitiesAbout the GameAchievements
Ancient ApparatusAncient AxeAntidote
AntivenomArrowsAssassin's Dagger
Baked MaggotBattle AxeBladed Gear
Blooddrop BlossomBlue GemBlueberry Pie
Boiled Crag BeetleBone AmuletBook of Infinite Wisdom
Book of KnowledgeBoots of ValorBrace of Fortitude
Bracelet of TirinBrass KeyBroadhead Arrow
Burrow Rat ShankCave NettleChitin Boots
Chitin GreavesChitin MailChitin Mask
Circlet of WarClassesCompass
Conjurer's HatCrookhorn LongbowCrookhorn ram
CrossbowCrossbow QuarrelCrowern
Crown of KingsCrystal of LifeCudgel
Cuirass of ValorCutlassDagger
Diviner's CloakDoubletEnergy Potion
Fire ArrowFire BladeFire Blade (Empty)
Fire BombFire TorcFist Dagger
FlailFlarefeather CapFlask
Forest OgreFrost ArrowFrost Bomb
Frostbite NecklaceFull HelmetFume Nozzle
Game ModesGauntlets of ValorGear Key
Giant CrabGiant SnailGiant Spider
Global StrategyGlobe of TetharionGold Key
Golden ChaliceGolden Deity FigureGolden Dragon
GoromorgGoromorg MiniatureGreaves of Valor
Green GemGrim CapGrinding
GuidelinesHand AxeHardstone Bracelet
Healing PotionHeavy ShieldHelmet of Valor
Herder CapHerdersHidden Skulls
Huntsman CloakIce LizardIce Lizard Steak
Icefall HammerInfusorIron Basinet
Iron DoorsIron KeyIsle of Nex
KilhaganKnifeKnoffer Mace
Large GearLeather BootsLeather Brigandine
Leather CapLeather GlovesLeather Greaves
Leather PantsLegend of Grimrock II StorylineLegend of Grimrock Storyline
Legend of Grimrock WikiLegionary ShieldLegionary Spear
Level 10: Goromorg Temple IILevel 11: The TombLevel 12: The Prison
Level 13: The CemeteryLevel 1: Into the DarkLevel 2: Old Tunnels
Level 3: Pillars of LightLevel 4: ArchivesLevel 5: Hallways
Level 6: TrappedLevel 7: Ancient ChambersLevel 8: The Vault
Level 9: Goromorg Temple ILightning BladeLightning Blade (Empty)
Lightning BombLightning RodLoincloth
LongswordLurker BootsLurker Hood
Lurker PantsLurker VestMachete
Mage SkillsMagicMaze of Shadows
Metal FrameMilkreedMole Jerky
Mortar and PestleMount GrimrockNomad Boots
Nomad MittensNorjaNote
Ogre HammerOrb of RadianceOrder of Sacred Fire
OreOrnate KeyParalysis
Peasant's BreechesPeasant's CapPeasant's Tunic
Phalanx HelmetPipePit Fighter Gauntlets
Pitroot BreadPlate BootsPlate Cuirass
Plate GauntletsPlate GreavesPoignant Potion
Pointy ShoesPoisonPoison Arrow
Poison BombPoison QuarrelPrison Key
RacesRed GemRemains of Toorum
RestRing BootsRing Gauntlets
Ring GreavesRing MailRock
Rogue SkillsRound KeyRound Shield
SackSandalsSandmole Hide Vest
Scaled CloakScavengerScripted Event
ScrollScroll of FireburstScroll of Invisibility
Scroll of Poison ShieldSecretsSerpent Bracer
ShaftShaman StaffShield of Valor
Shield of the ElementsShort BowShrakk Torr
ShurikenSicknessSilk Hose
Slime BellSlingSnail Slice
Speed PotionSpell scrollsSpirit Mirror Pendant
StarvationSteam CanisterSteel Gear
Stone PhilosopherSulphurous PotionSword of Nex
Tar BeadTattered CloakTeleport
TentaclesThe DismantlerThrowing Axe
Throwing KnifeTome of FireTome of Health
ToorumToorum's NotesTorch
Torch (bright)Torch (burnt out)Torch (dim)
Torch (dying)TraitsTreasures
TroubleshootingTunnel OgreUggardian
Undead ArchersUndead GuardUndead Soldiers
Undying OneVenom EdgeVenom Edge (empty)
WardenWarhammerWarrior Skills
Weapon of PowerWhitewood WandWooden Box
WyvernZhandul's Orb

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