I looked one more time at the grim group of newly brought prisoners. (...) What hope could they have when all previous expeditions led by knights had failed? There was one difference, however. The group had nothing to lose, only freedom to win. Maybe that would be enough?

Mount Grimrock, called the top of the world, is a high-reaching mountain located in the Northern Realms near Thraelm, and the setting for the events of Legend of Grimrock. Its peak is devoid of all natural life, and only accessible by airship due to the mountain's steep walls.

This trip is made annually by the king's guards, carrying the strongest men and women from the kingdom's prisons. The king wants to uncover whatever mysteries lie within the mountain, but none of his men have survived their explorations; only one man has made it out, the squire of Lord Perel, who led a twelve-man expedition. Before succumbing to his injuries, the squire described the fate that befell the party, and indicated that he'd received the type of dreams that the Undying One communicates through.[1]

Tired of losing men, the king decided to start sending in parties of the strongest prisoners, with the promise of freedom if they survived its depths. The reason for this was twofold—prisoners would be more expendable than the king's men, and they would have nothing to lose. Alarast expressed doubt in their ability to succeed where the king's well-equipped men failed[1]; at some point, however, four brave prisoners managed to reach the lowest floors, defeat the Undying One, and escape to freedom.[2]

The mountain was found to be a prison built by the Order of Sacred Fire, holding the Undying One at its core. It was ultimately destroyed when the machine was defeated, leaving behind an enormous crater.[2]


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