Ratlings often enlist to ship crews and pirate galleys to roam the seas of the realms and some of them have shipwrecked and got stranded on the Island. On the Isle of Nex they have nested in the western parts of the island. They often also roam the other parts of the Isle but carefully avoid ”The Boss”. Whenever you smell gunpowder in the air, you’re sure to know there are ratling pirates around.

Ratlings appear in various locations across the Isle of Nex, most notably in the Sewers. The generic enemies come in three different varieties, each using a different type of weapon. The first uses a sword, and is limited to melee attacks. The second uses Throwing Knives, and may drop one upon defeat. The third uses a Flintlock, and may drop 10 Pellets.

Occasionally, they will appear in groups of two, or one will fight alongside a Warg. Even when fighting one to a square, however, ratlings nearly always appear in groups—it's very rare to find only one in an area.


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