The River Tunnels compose several small, disconnected rooms, found beneath the Forgotten River.


The CacheEdit

The first accessible part of the Tunnels is the Cache, a small treasury inhabited by rodents. There are four caches available, each one requiring a Gold Key to open; one of the Ratlings found there carries one.

Scattered throughout the main room are a piece of Bread and two samples of Mudwort.

The HubEdit

The Hub allows for quick travel between distant map areas. The square room has four recesses; clockwise from the top left, they are labeled Hamlet of Stormbreach, Cemetery, Keelbreach Bog, and Shipwreck Beach. Initially, only the fourth of these has an active Windgate leading back to that location. The other three must have their Windgates unlocked by using a Hub Key found somewhere within the appropriate levels, or its sublevels. The doors in the west are sealed, and will remain so until the Lindworm is defeated. Afterward, the stairs leading to the Trickster's Lair will become available.

Shrine of BalanceEdit

This hidden shrine is reached by casting the Balance rune in the center of Castle Nex's courtyard. Here, four Power Gems can be placed on the altar to form the Essence of Balance. As with the other shrines, three Stone Philosophers adorn the walls. A Windgate in the eastern alcove leads back to the courtyard.





Consumable & IngredientsEdit



  • Entering the Shrine of Balance is counted as finding a secret.

Gold LocksEdit

  • Four Gold Locks are found in the Cache, as detailed above.
Isle of Nex locations

Shipwreck Beach • Dead Sailors' Cave
Twigroot Forest • Twigroot Tunnels • Twigroot Basement
Forgotten River • River Tunnels • Trickster's Lair
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