The sewer of Grimrock is a foul place, carrying the blood, dirt, and sweat of many past adventurers down into its hellish depths to feed whatever hides down there. No one has seen it, possibly not even the architects of the prison spire. All that is ever glimpsed are its gigantic tentacles, reaching out between grates and snatching food to pull down into what must be its waiting maw...

There are fierce, twisted creatures in Mount Grimrock that have never seen the light of day. The Tentacles that live in the bowels of the dungeon are one such abomination. Living within the walls and floors, they may not be a common sight, but adventurers would be wise to watch their step when walking near floor grates. They are unable to extend far beyond the grates that they slip through, limiting them to melee attacks, but the Paralysis they can inflict may make them a difficult obstacle.

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