Toorum id
Vital statistics
Title Ranger
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Prisoners
Health 0
Level N/A
Status Dead
Location Grimrock

It seems I'm not the first prisoner to go through these ancient tunnels and in case I'm not the last, I have started to write down my thoughts and discoveries.

Although I certainly do hope that no one else needs to suffer through these dungeons...
Toorum is a character who traversed Mount Grimrock alone at some point before the events of the first game. Author of sixteen notes found throughout the labyrinth, he began leaving records of his observations in an effort to guide any future explorers. Sadly, he met his fate on Level 10, where a wall sealed him inside a secret room. The prisoners can find the Remains of Toorum there, along with his final two notes and a small collection of items.

Buddies With ToorumEdit

I've seen similar crystals in the Temples of Nex but compared to these huge formations, they were withered and lifeless. Those crystals certainly didn't have enough power to bring a fallen companion back to life.

I wonder how many times I can still cheat death?
After finding his remains, there is a way that the prisoners can repay Toorum for his help. When his remains are used on a Crystal of Life, the message "You hear a distant sigh of relief." will appear. Not only does this earn the Buddies With Toorum achievement, but it unlocks "Toorum Mode". He holds the unique Ranger class, and has three traits: Skilled, Thunderstruck, and Tough.

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