Up to two of the following traits can be selected per character when building custom characters.

Name Effect Description
Aggressive Attack Power +4 You are full of rage
Agile Dexterity +2 Your reflexes are exceptional
Athletic Strength +2 Your body is muscular
Aura Energy +15 You have a potent aura
Cold-blooded Resist Cold +25 You are naturally resistant to cold
Evasive Evasion +7 You know better to stay away from harm
Daemon Ancestor Resist Fire +25 Your Great Grandfather had fiery eyes
Fist Fighter Attack Power +6 when unarmed You know  how to survive tavern brawls
Head Hunter (Minotaur) Attack Power +3 for each Skull carried Required Race: Minotaur
Healthy Vitality +2 You are exceptional healthy
Natural Armor (Insectoid) Protection +5 Required Race: Insectoid

Your skin is very thick and armor-like

Poison Resistant Resist Poison +25 You are naturally resistant to poisons
Skilled +3 Skillpoints You are learned
Strong Mind Willpower +2 Your mind is sharp as a needle
Thunderstruck (Toorum) Attack speed +100% Required Class: Ranger


Health +15 You are resistant to physical punishment

CS: Seznam rysů 

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