The Trickster's Lair is an area found beneath the Hub. It can only be accessed after the Lindworm is defeated.


Initially, the floor is completely empty. The only danger to be found is in the pits, the floors of which are spiked and set to rise if you are in one of the pits for more than a second. After mapping out the floor, place the Essence of Balance on the statue's pedestal. Once you have done so, the Trickster will appear behind you, and the final battle will begin.

There are various keyholes throughout the rooms, which the Trickster will use in your fight with him. Some cause the demons' heads on the walls to shoot fire and sparks, possibly trapping you with gates to make avoiding them more difficult. Other keyholes open walls, releasing Mosquito Swarms and Xeloroids. After your victory, you can use the Master Key to open the gate blocking your exit.





Isle of Nex locations

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