Ogres live deep within caves and mires, hiding away from the rest of the world. Or perhaps the rest of the world hides away from them. Bigger than even a minotaur and thicker skinned than even the strongest turtle, these giant brutes are quick to anger and know no kindness, opting to smash first and then smash again later. If seen, it's much smarter to avoid them rather than get anywhere near them...

Huge beasts dwelling in the depths of Mount Grimrock, Ogres are as intimidating as they are powerful. Wielding massive mauls, what they lack in elegance and dexterity they make up for in raw strength. They are very fond of charging their prey in order to close distance quickly.

Forest Ogres living on Isle Nex are related species of Tunnel Ogres that are more intelligent judging from their better clothing. [1]

Note His HP Around 622 To 650

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Tips to killEdit

He will run against you when you're more then 2 squares away and won't stop running until he hits a wall (or you). Use torero-like technique.

Beware: He can swing his hammer to the right.


You will recieve Ogre Slayer Steam achievement when first time killing an Ogre.

References Edit


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