The Twigroot Basement is a group of five chambers found beneath the Twigroot Tunnels.


The first accessible portion is the southwest chamber, reached by falling down the pit in the southwest chamber in the Twigroot Tunnels. Besides a Windgate that will return you to that level, it holds nothing of interest.

Second is the northeast chamber, reached by falling down one of the two pits that seal you inside that level. If the fall caused heavy injury to one of your party, a Healing Potion lies at the north end of the tunnel. Across from the Windgate leading back to the pit room, a sign reads "Remember, sometimes things are hidden in plain sight." Not only does this give advice to escaping the pit room, but it hints toward a secret hidden here.

The central north chamber can be reached by falling down the pit in the Nest. It is filled with Wargs, and holds alchemical ingredients and weapons. To escape, throw the switch on the pillar in the north; this will open the wooden door, allowing access to the Windgate.

The northwestern chamber is reached by falling down the pit in the room reached through the Philosopher's Stone puzzle, and is home to three Ratlings. After clearing them, go to the room in the southeast; an alcove on the south wall holds two Healing Potions, and a switch on the west wall allows access to the Windgate. Scattered throughout the chamber are several weapons and a Blooddrop Cap.

Shrine of the GluttonEdit

The final chamber in the southeast is reached by falling down one of the pits in the Trickster's battle room. It holds several Mummies, a couple of items in the south, and a Windgate in the west returning to the floor above. On the north wall is a sign reading "Shrine of the Glutton" next to an alcove; place three pieces of food inside to open a passage. Even more Mummies inhabit the Shrine; clear them out, and several useful items can be found throughout it.





Consumable & IngredientsEdit



  • In the second chamber, there is a hidden button to the left of the sign. Pressing it disables the Windgate and opens a passage behind it, revealing a Mummy. At the end of the passage are 3 Fire Bombs and 30 Pellets.
  • Accessing the Shrine of the Glutton counts as finding a secret; a Speed Potion is in the western tunnel, a Tome of Health is found in the pillar, and east of that are a set of Leather Gloves.

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