Fiery spirits that have been summoned from the outer realm, to guard the most important places of Grimrock such as its tombs and vaults. They are strong and powerful beings of fire and a mighty foe capable of shooting fireballs towards anyone daring to creep into their tunnels. They use their armor to keep their shape, and to keep from spreading their blistering element anywhere they go. While most think of them as simpleminded and single-minded guards, the way they shift about and are able to cleverly avoid traps suggests that it isn't just fire in their heads...


Uggardians are elemental warriors residing in the lower levels of Mount Grimrock. As fiery, elemental creatures, they favor throwing fireballs at their enemies, and are themselves immune to fire damage. As a flying creature, they can also move over obstacles that other creatures cannot, including pits. Anyone who stupid enough to standing next a Uggardian can get blistered very quickly. The Fire Shield spell is a good defense against their attacks.


Lore of The UggardiandsEdit

Countless years ago Uggardiands were summoned by powerful mages to guard the tombs of old kings. But as centuries turned to dust and once thriving civilization faded into oblivion still the Uggardians guarded the collapsed and rotten tombs of nameless kings that no one lived to remember. Uggardians were trapped and couldn’t return into their own plane of existence because the ancient summoning magic was still strong and chained them into their duty. The Summoners had died ages ago and they were the only ones with enough power so summon or release beings of Outer Realms.

Uggardian artwork
Uggardian concept

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