Grimrock were once stationed by humans, who guarded the underground passageways of spire mountain prison,but they all have long since died. They haven't left their posts and patrols, however, and still diligently protect their grounds, attacking anything that comes their way. They come in a few varieties, including single pikemen, single archer, pikemen patrol, (four pikemen at once), and twin Archers, (two archers at once).

Skeleton SoldiersEdit

Mount Grimrock's most commonly-found enemy, Skeleton Soldier are reasonably tough, especially for the inexperienced prisoners thrown into the dungeon. Although reasonably slow compared to some creatures in Grimrock, they are aggressive and fierce foes, their tower shields in particular giving them added defense up-close. They can be encountered both alone and in groups of four.

Skeleton ArchersEdit

The ranged counterparts to Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Archers are equipped with short bows and fire Frost Arrows. Skeleton Archers try to keep a distance and are capable of dodging incoming ranged attacks, employing hit-and-run tactics to keep unwary prisoners on their toes. They are often found in groups of two.

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