Deep within the dark hallways of Grimrock's most secure prison wait the most powerful of the inhabitants of the dark spire; the Wardens. Created with the sole purpose of keeping the Undying One held in his eternal slumber, these 10 foot tall behemoths of clockwork and stone are as tough as their description suggests. It would take a brave warrior or a fool to face one in combat...

Wardens are the most deadly of Mount Grimrock's inhabitants. Massive iron golems tasked with defending the prison against all intruders, they are capable of doing huge amounts of damage in short order. They can charge similar to the Tunnel Ogre and are also capable of attacking sideways, making them deadly for anybody foolish enough to fight them in limited space. While their iron frames mean they can't move as quickly as some enemies, they make up for this by being able to survive all but the toughest of adventuring parties. Only four exist in the game, all of whom appear on level 12.